• Hidden receiving and sending of SMS

  • Hidden calling and call history

  • Securing by strong encryption methods

  • Created for mobile phones running on Symbian,
    WinMobile, iPhone 3, 3G, 3GS, 4 with iOS4 (not iOS5)

HiddenSMS HiddenSMS HiddenSMS
Nobody else will be able to read your private SMS

Nobody else will be able to read your private SMS

The program serves for trapping and hiding both received and sent SMS from/to numbers you preselect.

Have secret calls with contacts you select

Secretly call to numbers you selected

The program erases any traces of incoming and outgoing calls from/to selected numbers from your phone. Information about such calls is encrypted.

Improved contacts and messages manager

The program runs in phone completely hidden

Everything concerning program is kept hidden in the phone. During normal operation of the phone nobody can detect the program.

Important passwords and notes are kept safe

Secured by strong encryption methods

The encryption used is so strong that even the best specialists cannot read your SMS, history of calls and other saved data without your password.