• Hidden receiving and sending of SMS

  • Hidden calling and call history

  • Securing by strong encryption methods

  • Created for mobile phones running on Symbian,
    WinMobile, iPhone 3, 3G, 3GS, 4 with iOS4 (not iOS5)

HiddenSMS HiddenSMS HiddenSMS

Claims Code

General regulations

These general trading terms (VOP) apply exclusively to purchase of goods and services in the internet shop of the seller, Kandox s.r.o., Praha 5, Stodůlky, Mukařovského 1985/8, ZIP 155 00, CRN 283 97 681, E-mail: info@hiddensms.com on address www.hiddensms.com.

The seller conforms to valid legal regulations governing claims and protection of consumer rights.

Conflict with contract of purchase

The seller is responsible for defects discovered as conflict with purchase agreement after goods acceptance during warranty period of 24 months. The warranty shall not cover defects or regular wear and tear due to regular use of the item. Damages arisen during transport should be claimed with the carrier, by agreement we can send you new goods.

If you want to avoid troubles with installation or functions of the software, we strongly recommend you to use test, demo and trial versions. If such a version is not available, please, check whether you meet the system requirements of software defined by the supplier. If you cannot find required information on our web or on the web of the producer, please, contact us, we will try to supply additional information for you. Please, realize that seeming inoperability of software on your device need not mean a conflict with purchase agreement to be claimed.

Claim procedure

The buyer informs the seller (by e-mail) what is the subject of claim and what remedy he requests (repair, replacement, discount, withdrawal from contract - see below). Provided that it is not a clearly unjustified claim, the seller suggests the buyer the most suitable procedure, primarily submitting the claimed goods to consideration and financial settling (such as credit note). The seller will decide on acceptance or non-acceptance of the claim immediately after receipt of goods, in complicated cases within 3 workdays. At the same time he sends confirmation to the buyer.

Claim options

(1)If a defect can be removed, the buyer has the right to have the given defect remedied, duly, free of charge and on time and the seller shall remove the defect without unreasonable delay. If this is impracticable due to the character of defect, the buyer may ask for replacement of goods or, if the defect concerns only a part, then replacement of that part. If such a procedure is impracticable, the buyer may ask a price discount or he may withdraw from the contract.
(2) If the defect cannot be remedied and prevents the goods to be duly used as a faultless goods, the buyer has the right to have the goods replaced or to withdraw from the contract. The same rights apply to cases where though the defects are removable, the buyer cannot properly use the goods because of repeated occurrence of defect after repair or because of several different defects.
(3) If there are other defects that cannot be removed and the buyer does not request replacement of goods, he has the right to ask for a reasonable discount or he may withdraw from the contract.

Claim settlement

The claim including removal of defect has to be settled without unnecessary delay, at the latest within 30 days from reporting, unless the seller and the consumer agree on extended period.

Final provisions

This Claims Code is valid from February 1, 2009.

Prague, January 19. 2009


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