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  • Hidden calling and call history

  • Securing by strong encryption methods

  • Created for mobile phones running on Symbian,
    WinMobile, iPhone 3, 3G, 3GS, 4 with iOS4 (not iOS5)

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General trading terms

General regulations

These general trading terms (VOP) apply exclusively to purchase of goods and services in the internet shop of the seller, Kandox s.r.o., Praha 5, Stodůlky, Mukařovského 1985/8, ZIP 155 00, CRN 283 97 681, E-mail: info@hiddensms.com on address www.hiddensms.com.

By sending definite order the buyer confirms that he has read these general trading terms as well as Claims Code and agrees with them.

Contract of purchase

The buyer confirms the order of goods and services (hereinafter only goods) by sending filled order in the internet browser. The dispatched electronic order represents draft contract of purchase. The seller will send order confirmation to the e-mail address the buyer entered. By this act the contract of purchase is concluded. This primarily creates the obligation of the buyer to pay for the ordered good and obligation of the seller to deliver the goods.

The concluded contract cannot be changed without consent of both parties. The seller files concluded contracts in his database. Contract can only be concluded in Czech language.

Terms of payment and delivery

1. terms of payment

Payment can only be performed by bank transfer - the buyer will pay against proforma invoice (sent by e-mail) by remittance order, then goods are delivered and original tax document is supplied. Until complete settlement of the invoice, the goods remain property of the seller.

2. terms of delivery

Goods will be dispatched by selected method after receipt of payment by seller's account The contents of actual packing or also the package of goods itself may differ from published picture, if any. In case of software purchase the seller will deliver the goods via e-mail including data required for its downloading or installation.

3. delivery terms

The seller will deliver the software immediately after receiving the payment on his bank account. With on-line methods of payment after receiving confirmation that the payment will be effected in favour of the seller.

Warranty conditions

Warranty conditions are governed by Civil code and Claims code of the seller.

Withdrawal from contract

Consumer (buyer not acting within his/her commercial or other entrepreneurial activity) has according to §53 par. 7 of Civil Code (Act no. 40/1964 Coll. in valid wording) right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from taking goods over, if the contract was concluded by using means of remote communication. This right cannot be applied for purchase of software or services if fulfilment has already begun.

In case of withdrawal the buyer shall return goods with enclosed letter announcing recession from contract, giving account number for money back transfer as well as documents of purchase. The seller shall transfer money for the goods back to buyer's account within 30 days from the date of delivery of rescind note. The seller has right to make allowance for really expended costs (postage, carriage, etc.)

Final provisions

These General trading terms are valid from February 1, 2009.

Prague, January 19. 2009


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