• Hidden receiving and sending of SMS

  • Hidden calling and call history

  • Securing by strong encryption methods

  • Created for mobile phones running on Symbian,
    WinMobile, iPhone 3, 3G, 3GS, 4 with iOS4 (not iOS5)

HiddenSMS HiddenSMS HiddenSMS

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

I don't understand, why do I need HiddenSMS?

This software allows you to hide SMS, MMS and records of real phone calls from selected contacts in such a way that no non-authorized people, who may get their hands on your phone, cannot see them.

For whom is HiddenSMS software recommended?

For everybody who needs to hide his or her personal data in his or her phone (SMS, MMS, information on incoming and outgoing calls, information about callers and other private data) from persons who may get access to your phone.

On what phones HiddenSMS can be used?

There are versions for phones with Windows Mobile 5-6, Symbian and iPhone.

Can I install HiddenSMS into my Nokia or Sony Ericsson phone?

Yes, if these phones work under Windows Mobile or Symbian .

For how long will be the trial version active?

The trial version is active for 30 days from the date of installing into your mobile phone. After that time, SMS, MMS and incoming calls stop to be caught. If you want to continue using the application, you need to purchase full version of the program. On upgrading to full version, the program is able to retain data from the trial version.

Can I install the trial version several times consecutively and avoid purchasing HiddenSMS this way?

This is not possible. A second and further installations of trial version on the same phone will not operate.


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